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I Just Like It: Mühle Glashütte SAR Rescue-Timer

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One of My Favorite Blogs…

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Emma's Hope Book

There’s a blog I love called, Musings of an Aspie written by Cynthia Kim.   Cynthia Kim also has a book, I Think I Might Be Autistic , which is now available as an e-book and in paperback.  She writes about her decision to pursue a diagnosis, with lots of tips for those who might be thinking of doing the same.  “I Think I Might Be Autistic: A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Self-Discovery for Adults” begins from that “aha!’ moment, addressing the many questions that follow. What do the symptoms of ASD look like in adults? Is getting a diagnosis worth it? What does an assessment consist of and how can you prepare for it?”  But the book is much more than just advice about whether to get a formal diagnosis or not.  It’s about identity, who we are, what that means and why we…

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Musical Interlude: Dogs Play Bluegrass

Research Findings Reveal the Lack of Support Currently Being Given to Young Adults with High Functioning Autism within higher education and the workforce.

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The Downside of Efficiency

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Many Hats Mommy

Yup. You read the title right—the downside of efficiency. How can there be a downside to efficiency? Let me enlighten you.

For those of you who are Type A personalities or recovering Type A personalities, or who have learned to be efficient by force of nature (like many special needs parents or folks facing huge challenges), you will face some problems. How do I know? I live it.

Is there a downside to efficiency? Click to discover! via

Here are four side effects of efficiency that should be labeled on the bottle or mentioned in the commercial voiceover:

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Musical Interlude: Anoushka Shankar (on sitar) – Inside Me (Spanish lyrics)

Sera Rivers: parenting a Child with NVLD

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Musical Interlude: ‘J.S. Bach – Suite for Solo Cello no. 1 in G major – Allemande’ by Denise Djokic

WOW: Sand Under the Microscope

Photo from the Daily Mail, follow the link for related article and more pictures.

Musical Interlude: Gabrielle – Dreams

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