New Abnormalities Found in the Autistic Brain

Moving Autism Forward by Team TACA



Guest blogger & TACA Physician Advisory:  Dr. Richard Frye

Dr Courchesne of the University of California at San Diego, a researcher who has previously published groundbreaking papers on abnormalities in the growth of the brain in children with autism, now provides new insight into previous uncovered brain abnormalities in children with autism in a recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine (Stoner et al., 2014). Previously Dr Courchesne has provided important insight into the abnormalities in brain development related to autism. His group has nicely explained some of the origins of the abnormal increased in brain size found in some children with autism and has provided insight into the abnormal structure of cell in the cerebral cortex of children with autism. Now his group describes some of the additional reasons behind why neurons in the cerebral cortex are not functioning as they should in children with autism.

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