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ShelfPack – Portable Closet Suitcase

The BAGOBAGO Backpack Chair

Nice Compact Micro-House

For more information see http://www.cubeproject.org.uk

KAZbrella Kickstarter Campaign

What Your Designs Say About You

What does your chair say about what you value? Designer Sebastian Deterding shows how our visions of morality and what the good life is are reflected in the design of objects around us. http://www.ted.com

Interior Design for Autism: E-book Series by A. J. Paron-Wildes

Web Design Freebies: Free Graphics

Sellfy has made available a whole bunch of free graphics for anyone to use on their website (example below), everything from icons, pictures, textures, fonts to templates. Grab them here.

Natalia Berdys: The Web Experience in the Autistic Spectrum

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

“Parents of kids on the spectrum may be familiar with his litany of sleep problems: trouble getting to sleep, trouble with waking during the night, trouble with waking too early in the morning, all leading to tiredness during the day and consequent problems with control. This tent has helped by providing a dark, secure environment.” [Amazon customer review]

Some Ideas for Small Spaces

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