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Blinkist: Read Four Books in One Day

For some autistics, reading can be a chore, especially if they have other conditions like ADD that often accompany autism. Blinkist is a useful service that summarizes popular non-fiction books into small chunks you can read in about 15 minutes, on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s a subscription service, but they offer a free trial. Try it out here!

Ask an Autistic: An Informative YouTube Series

Ask an Autistic is a neat YouTube series by Amythest Schaber. She gives first-hand answers to popular questions about autism, like ‘What are autistic shutdowns?‘ (the video below)


The Latest Edition of the Autism Advocate Magazine

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Autism Society has published its Fall/Winter issue of the Autism Advocate magazine online. Read it here!




Autism Magazines on Issuu

There are plenty of autism resources on Issuu, including magazines, leaflets and books. Why not take a look?

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