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Loc8tor Plus Personal Locator System

Autistic children sometimes ‘wander off’ when you least expect it. There’s no substitute for vigilance, but some parents use a personal locator system (like the one featured here) as a back-up. The handheld device gives visual (directional) and auditory (proximity) cues to the location of the homing tag (which also bleeps when in ‘locate’ mode). It bears repeating though, this device was developed to find possessions and is not designed to be a substitute for parental vigilance.

Easy to use, sets up in seconds.Tag size: 1.2″H x .76″W x .33″D. Weighs 5 grams. Range is 100 feet up to 600 feet based on a clear line of sight and the environment. Developed to find possessions and should not be relied on to find patients.

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